A bathroom
with the essential

The absence of handles and the angled edge in drawers and doors is a feature that helps create a feeling of cleanliness and ease of use.

Tirador zero
Modular Modular Modular Modular Modular Modular


Zero series is characterized by its modular structure, you can add all units you need and create a custom made design. Besides custom made manufacturing allows to fit the design to any space.

Puertas Zero Puertas Zero Puertas Zero Puertas Zero Puertas Zero Puertas Zero

Drawers adapted to you.

The wooden drawers offer you a perfect place to store everything you use in the bathroom: cosmetics, perfumes, towels, etc. 

In the taller pieces of furniture another interior drawer can be fitted to maintain the same aesthetic on the outside but with more interior capacity. In addition, you can combine a module which has an inner drawer with another which does not.  In this way you can use one side for small objects and the other side for tall objects while maintaining a uniform front.

Puertas Zero

Doors with shelves.

An option offered by the Zero series is to equip your bathroom with a cabinet with interior shelves, with high drawers or combining both solutions. You will find it very convenient for storing towels and very tall containers.