A contemporary

Cosmopolitan and elegant, SoHo is a design inspired by an urban lifestyle.

The design of this kitchen receives the inheritance of a classical style which combines with the pure current forms. Of elegant and very urban aspect, it is a design that respecting the past coexists in an extraordinary way with the present. A contemporary classic.

Handleless kitchen
Hidden comfort Hidden comfort

Hidden comfort.

The SoHo door is characterized by its frame that enhances the shapes and volumes in a refined way. To facilitate the opening has an integrated steel handle, which is hidden from view, although it is also very comfortable to open the doors and drawers.

Hidden comfort
Hidden Comfort Hidden Comfort Hidden Comfort Hidden Comfort

Organised and illuminated interiors.

Interiors organised for each different use: wooden accessories for the cutlery trays, dividers for the lids in the pan drawers and different sizes of sink furniture for waste separation... are, along with the LED lighting, some of the features of the complete range of interior equipment in our kitchens.




Glass doors.

The new glass door combines perfectly with the SoHo model, its lacquered aluminium frame evoking the forms of the SoHo door. The interior lighting and the careful choice of the glasses that sift the light make these pieces of furniture into exclusive items that mark the difference.

Interior drawers
Interior drawers

Electronic opening sink unit.

A simple touch and the drawer with the bins will open; a practical system for when your hands are full.

A kitchen with height
Interior drawers
Interior drawers

Space for everything.

We create maximum storage capacity in the area of column units with customised height. Both the wall units above the worktop and the column units combined with the high-level units, are made-to-measure so that they reach the ceiling.

The doors, with the steel handle, lead us to the pantry in the column unit. The drawers are fully removable and fitted with interior dividers or wooden boxes.

A kitchen with height

Combination of natural materials.

The use of different materials in the kitchen brings added value. The porcelain stoneware with its magnificent finishes brings all of its advantages to both the worktop and the sink. You can have natural wood not only in the SoHo door, but also in accessories such as the bar or the decorative features. Steel or iron can be added to metal items, to the feet of the bars or in the additional handles. Combine materials and you can't go wrong.

Arkadia equipment
Arkadia equipment Arkadia equipment Arkadia equipment
Arkadia equipment

In the finish you like best.

Choose between all our range of finishes to create your SoHo kitchen. You can combine them with the plain colored laminates with the laser edging technology, laminates with different textures and natural woods as the oak or elm.

Natural oak wood combined with bright colours such as Latte White brings a Nordic look to the kitchen. Or, if you are looking for a different style, the combination of darker colours such as Elm Ash with Stone, changes the tone of the kitchen and creates a sober and elegant atmosphere.

Decorative furniture
Decorative furniture
Decorative furniture Decorative furniture Decorative furniture

Decorative furniture.

The shelves with spaces of different sizes, allow a fast access to those articles of daily use and they also make your kitchen lighter.

Electronic opening system Electronic opening system
Electronic opening system
Electronic opening system

Electronic opening system.

The electronic opening system, an optional choice in our furniture, allows with only a soft pressure over any part of the door, get quickly into the inside part of the module. The door gets up automatically showing the interior. For closing you only have to push the button on the side and the door will get closed softly.

Woods with continuity of grain
Woods with continuity of grain. Woods with continuity of grain. Woods with continuity of grains.

Woods and laquers.

The SoHo doors can be combined with doors without frame to get the composition lighter, as you can see in this kitchen where the wall furniture combines perfectly with the rest of the framed doors.

The combination between lacquer and wood is a good choice when choosing materials for your future kitchen.