A contemporary

Undeniably elegant, the SoHo bathroom was a contemporary classic from the moment it was created.

A classic kitchen design brought to the bathroom. Introducing the new bathroom series from dica. The SoHo door is characterised by its frame, which enhances shapes and volumes. To facilitate opening it has an integrated steel handle which is hidden from view but which makes it very easy to open the doors and drawers.

Tirador Lush
Tiradores Lush Tiradores Lush Tiradores Lush

Nordic or sophisticated, SoHo suits all tastes.

SoHo Detalles

The perfect combination.

The combination of lacquer and porcelain is an excellent option when choosing the materials for your bathroom

SoHo Detalles SoHo Detalles SoHo Detalles SoHo Detalles

Details that define character.

The generous resin basin on the cabinet worktop, the wooden drawers with interior partitions and a top quality lacquer define the character of the SoHo bathroom.

The natural oak wood combined with luminous porcelain stoneware gives the bathroom a Nordic look. In contrast, neutral colours with dark porcelain stonework change the tone of the bathroom and create a more sophisticated atmosphere.


Porcelain stoneware worktops and fronts.

Porcelain stoneware worktops have a pleasant texture and their technical characteristics make this material very suitable for the bathroom. As a non-porous material it prevents bacteria, is stain resistant and is easy to clean.