Serie 90

A refined

Serie 90, conceptual and ergonomic.

Serie 90 is a new kitchen concept where the absence of handles is the outstanding feature. The electronic and mechanical ejection systems are the key to facilitate opening.

Kitchens without handles
Kitchens without handles. Kitchens without handles. Kitchens without handles. Kitchens without handles. Kitchens without handles.

Kitchens without handles.

The new electronic and mechanical opening options make it possible to have a kitchen without handles or metal profiles. Those who are looking for a clean and sophisticated style for their kitchen fall in love with the purity of its lines. Minimalism in its purest state.



The aesthetic purity offered by the electronic and mechanical openings allows us to use a handle for certain pieces of furniture that need a different opening method, with the two options coexisting in perfect harmony.

Serie 90 Altos
Serie 90 Altos

Wall modules, with everything at hand.

Ideal for storing everyday objects and having quick access to them. Different opening systems are available to access the wall modules: swing doors or folding doors that fold up for easy access. The opening profiles or the electronic system allow you to have furniture without handles. Different types of lighting are also available depending on the width of the module and whether the interior shelves are opaque or glass. 

Electronic opening system
Electronic opening system Electronic opening system
Electronic opening system

Electronic opening system.

The electronic opening system, optional in our furniture, allows you to access the interior quickly with just slight pressure on any part of the door. The door automatically rises, making the whole interior visible. To close it, simply press the button on the side and the door closes gently.

Purity in lines. Purity in lines.

Aesthetics and comfort.

The electronic and mechanical opening systems are very convenient for daily use. A simple touch and the drawers open, and with a slight push they gently close. They are especially useful when your hands are full.

Todo oculto. Todo oculto. Todo oculto.

Everything hidden.

The system of retractable doors makes it very simple to integrate the kitchen with the lounge. With the doors closed, everything is hidden; and if we open them, they retract into the cabinets leaving everything that is inside in view.

Designed for apartments where the kitchen coexists with the living room, or for large spaces where the kitchen and dining room share space.

Hidden hood Hidden hood
Hidden hood

The hidden hood.

The integrated hoods provide a uniform aesthetic to the kitchen, but mostly offer extra storage space.


Equip your kitchen according to your needs.

All the dica's interiors are thought for all spaces. With lots of interior solutions and made to measure, we will find the best solution to create a kitchen to your taste. 

Serie 90 accesorios Serie 90 accesorios
Serie 90

The new interior system has been designed as a modular system in which you can distribute the drawers according to your needs. The combination of natural wood and grey enhances the interiors, making them both pleasant and above all tidy places.

All of the dica equipment and accessories turn your kitchen into a flexible and functional space. Por eso cuidamos el mínimo detalle con materiales agradables y soluciones prácticas para el uso diario.

Barra cocina


Wooden bars have become a fashionable furniture item. With their special aesthetic, light and overhanging from the worktop, and their convenience, bars have taken over in the kitchen. They are ideal for breakfast or a quick dinner, and are an essential item if you like inviting friends home, turning your kitchen into the central meeting place of the house

Barra cocina
Barra cocina