Serie 45

A functional kitchen
full of details

The most contemporary and versatile dica kitchen.

Serie 45 is pure trend. With straight and minimalistic lines is the most contemporary dica kitchen. Its 45º edge gives you all the comfort because you can open the doors and drawers from any point of the edge. An efficient system that will enhance the functionality of your kitchen.

Kitchens without handles
Kitchens without handles. Kitchens without handles.. Kitchens without handles. Kitchens without handles. Kitchens without handles.

Kitchens without handles.

The 45º edge in doors and a straight profile fitted in the furniture avoid the handles. The opening is made from the edge of doors and drawers, the contact surface enlargers and the opening is really comfortable.

Pureza en las líneas. Pureza en las líneas.

Purity in lines.

If you are looking for a pure and innovative design with extra comfort, the electronic and mechanical ejection systems will meet your needs. The lower drawers have clean lines, without handles or any kind of indentation. A simple touch and the drawer will open, and with a slight push it will gently close. Electronic and mechanical ejection are very practical when your hands are full

In the finish you like best.

Choose from among the entire dica range to create your Serie 45 kitchen to suit your particular taste. From smooth laminates with laser edging, laminates with different textures to noble woods such as elm or oak and matt or gloss lacquers. Combine them as you please.

Campana oculta Campana oculta Campana oculta
La campana oculta

Hidden hood.

The integrated hoods provide a uniform aesthetic to the kitchen, but mostly offer extra storage space.


Equip your kitchen according to your needs.

All the dica's interiors are thought for all spaces. With lots of interior solutions and made to measure, we will find the best solution to create a kitchen to your taste. 

Electronic opening system Electronic opening system Electronic opening system Electronic opening system
Electronic opening system
Electronic opening system

The new interior system has been designed as a modular system in which you can distribute the drawers according to your needs. The combination of natural wood and grey enhances the interiors, making them both pleasant and above all tidy places.

All of the dica equipment and accessories turn your kitchen into a flexible and functional space. That's why we pay attention to every detail, with attractive materials and practical solutions for everyday use.