High precision
and handcrafted quality

A bathroom that highlights the purity of the forms.

The 45º in the structure, doors and drawers provides a sensation of major hardiness to the furniture. The 45º edges in doors and in structure create a thin union when the furniture is closed.

Un sútil tirador

A subtle handle.

Lush series is characterized by its cubic shape and its subtle handle that facilitates the opening. It has stainless steel finish. The handles are completely integrated in the drawer’s edges.

Tiradores Lush Tiradores Lush Tiradores Lush Tiradores Lush
Tirador Lush
Your Lush bath

Unit + unit = your Lush bath.

The Lush bathroom is composed by the assembling of different pieces of furniture you can chose according to your needs. Besides custom made manufacturing allows to fit the design to any space.

Baño Lush Baño Lush
Baño Lush
Cajones Lush Cajones Lush Cajones Lush Cajones Lush
Cajones Lush

Drawers and furniture to store everything.

The Lush series metal drawers allow you to keep everything you need well organised, without having to move anything. The drawers can be fully extracted, allowing a complete view of the contents. Thanks to the closing system, with a slight push the drawers close smoothly until completely shut. The vertical modules improve the aesthetics and provide extra storage space. When closed, the doors and furniture fit perfectly together, creating fine lines where they meet.