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Discover a complete
range of furniture

dica triumphs in your entire home with a complete range of furniture for the bedroom, living room and dining room, as well as passageways and reception areas. Made-to-measure design and manufacturing allows you to customise your furniture, making the most of the space. In the dica shops you will find professionals whose training is continuously updated and who will advise you on what you need.

The dica furniture is entirely manufactured in Spain using top-quality materials: the most innovative European fittings, laminates edged with the latest laser technology, wood chosen for each project and lacquers and varnishes that meet the strictest quality requirements. The assembly is carried out by specialist technicians, with in-depth knowledge of the dica products, ensuring the perfect completion of each project.

Armarios dica Armarios dica
Armarios dica
Swing or sliding doors
and walk-in wardrobes

We design and manufacture a complete range of made-to-measure wardrobes. No matter how complicated the space, the dica wardrobes adapt to any location with an impeccable design and finish. The best solution for each space.

Salón dica
Salón dica
Living room
TV furniture

A complete range of TV furniture for your living room, where we combine high quality materials to design both more open and more closed versions. You decide what your TV furniture will look like, to show what you want to be seen and store away the rest.

Dormitorio dica Dormitorio dica Dormitorio dica
Chests of drawers, bed,
bedside tables, headboard

Chests of drawers with an endless number of customisable configurations, perfect for combining with the rest of the furniture in your room. A bed structure that appears to be suspended in the air. Different formats of bedside table that perfectly combine with each other. A headboard where you can keep what you are currently reading handy.

A bedroom in which all the furniture speaks the same language. A space where comfort is everything.

Auxiliares dica Auxiliares dica
Auxiliares dica
Sideboards, shelves,
dining tables

We have designed a complete range of complementary furniture for the living and dining areas, as well as for passageways and reception areas. Sideboards, shelves, dining tables and coffee tables in which we combine laminates, lacquers or natural woods that perfectly accompany the rest of the dica furniture.

Casa dica Casa dica
dica home
your home

Below we show a project where we combine the whole range of dica furniture. With a kitchen that integrates perfectly in the living room, and a bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and a bathroom where the focus is on comfort.

A project where the combination of all the dica materials in the different rooms creates harmony and continuity.