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L kitchen with central islandL kitchen with central island

L kitchen with central island

Materia Prima

This spacious kitchen designed by Materia Prima, our dealer from Costa Rica, is furnished with Series 45 and with an L shape design and a central island. Big windows make conditional on the furniture, can be furnished only with base modules. The only area free of windows is used for fitting the oven, the microwave and the fridge. The rest is equipped with base units of different sizes and interiors meeting the requirements of order and capacity of the owners.

Appliances have a gorgeous design giving an industrial look thanks of their big size and their steel finish which contrast with the warmth of the furniture that is in laminate material finish natural linen. Contrast between textures, steel, textile, stone, glossy tiles, wood…enriches the room giving it a warm aspect.

The central island distributes the space, it can be used like a table because there is a part without furniture where you can put some stools. The solution of one steel leg which holds the countertop combines perfectly with the industrial look of the appliances. And the zone with open decorative furniture orientated to the counter side makes the composition lighter.

A very comfortable kitchen where you can cook, eat and talk.