New porcelain worktops

New porcelain worktopsNew porcelain worktops

Through collaborative projects we create differentiated products. We introduce our new range of porcelain worktops, a collaboration between dica and Inalco.

Our new porcelain worktop have an appealing texture and its technical characteristics also make it the toughest material currently on the market: among other advantages, it is highly resistant to scratching and it can be used directly for cutting with a knife without the worktop being affected. It is resistant to heat and frying pans and saucepans can placed directly on the surface without this suffering any damage. As a non-porous material it prevents bacteria, is stain resistant and is easy to clean. Porcelain is also resistant to ultraviolet rays and so the colour remains unchanged over time, even outdoors.

Come to the nearest dica store and find out more about our new worktops.

Published by , 2015.05.25. Product