Chests of drawers, bed,
bedside tables, headboard

The whole space in harmony.

Chests of drawers with an endless number of customisable configurations, perfect for combining with the rest of the furniture in your room. A bed structure that appears to be suspended in the air. Different formats of bedside table that perfectly combine with each other. A headboard where you can keep what you are currently reading handy. A bedroom in which all the furniture speaks the same language

Dormitorio dica
Dormitorio dica. Dormitorio dica.

A space where comfort is everything.

The bedroom range includes the bed, headboard, bedside tables and chests of drawers.

The headboard is custom designed and manufactured and can be smooth or combined with grooved areas, in one colour or a combination of several colours, and can be deeper so that you can put books on top or flat against the wall. You decide how you want it.

The bed frame attaches directly to the headboard, and its structure with hidden legs gives the impression that it is suspended.

The bedside tables are modular. Our suggestion is that they should not be the same, where one might be suspended and the other on the floor with two drawers. What do you think? With a structure joining at 45°, they do not need separate tops. 

If you need more space to store clothes or want to complete the set of furniture for your bedroom, with the chests of drawers you can solve this problem in a very aesthetically-pleasing way, placing a nice picture with a vase or a mirror on top. If you want to give it an even more special touch we propose fitting it over our subtle metallic structure and choosing the finish in gloss lacquer. In this way it will become a very special piece of furniture.

Dormitorio dica.
Dormitorio dica. Dormitorio dica. Dormitorio dica.

For the headboard you can choose the depth that best suits the space you have available and you can combine smooth areas with grooved areas and even different materials. It can be a very useful space to place books, paintings and other decorative elements.

The interior of the drawers in Porcelain Leather laminate is very warm to the touch.