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Cajones de madera
Wooden drawers

Wooden drawers with interior dividers or boxes that organize the interior space.

Cajones metálicos (Lush y Kube)
Metallic drawers (Lush and Kube)

Metallic white drawers that are totally extractable and very comfortable thanks to the handle integrated in the edge 45º.

Separadores de madera
Wooden dividers

Organize the interior space depending on its use and help the objects not moving.

Encimeras de resina
Resin tops

Available in white gloss or matt, the resin is an elegant, functional, agreeable material to the touch and with minimum maintenance.

Lavabo Vita
Vita basin

With fine and straight lines, this basin has a very distinctive design.

Lavabo Romo
Romo basin

Straight shapes that are combined with curve surfaces for easy cleaning.

Lavabo Orga
Orga basin

Its organic design with rounded shapes makes it really pleasant to see and touch.

Lavabo Lena
Lena basin

Basin with worktop in one piece. Its original design with the effect of the basin projecting out from the worktop adds a sophisticated touch to the bathroom.

Encimeras de porcelana
Porcelain top

Traditional option, high resistant and with standard measures and designs.

Lavabos de porcelana
Porcelain basins

We have several models of porcelain basin so that you can find the most suitable for your bathroom.

Lavabo Mao
Mao basin

The Mao series of basins in resin stands out for its straight and minimalist lines. Available in round, square or rectangular formats.

Espejos sin marco
Espejos sin marco
Mura basin

The mura basin in resin has a cubic exterior design, with a rounded interior and a wide shelf where you can place personal items or leave the soap dish.

Lavabo Mao versión semiencastre
Mao basin. Semi-recessed version

Simplicity and minimalism for this basin in resin, with the surface enhanced by the semi-recessed design.

Lavabo Kosi
Kosi basin

With a subtle design without sacrificing comfort, the Kosi resin basin has a convenient built-in shelf where the tap is fitted.

Espejos sin marco
Espejos sin marco
Porcelain stoneware worktop

Porcelain stoneware worktops add a special touch to your bathroom. Its tasteful aesthetics and exceptional qualities make porcelain stoneware an ideal material for the bathroom.

Encimera de madera
Wooden top

The top and the furniture can have the same finish giving a sense of continuity.

Bajo portalavabo
Basin unit

The top drawer is perfectly adapted to the pipes to get a better use of the space.

Baldas de cristal
Glass shelves

The glass shelves allow seeing everything.

Altos y decorativos a 45º (Lush)
Wall and open furniture (Lush)

In the high and decorative modules, the characteristic 45º edges are particularly appreciated.

Open furniture

Open furniture are favorable to quick access and tidiness of the items.

Muebles altos
Wall furniture

Available in different heights and depths. Some units can have a side access without opening the door.

Mueble con espejo
Cabinet with mirror

The most useful option for storing all your daily bath articles.

Base decorativa ingletada
Decorative base 45º

The decorative base 45º creates the impression that the furniture is suspended.

Base decorativa recta
Decorative base

Classic plinth perfect for designs with the furniture on the floor.

Espejos sin marco
Espejos sin marco
Espejos sin marco
Espejos sin marco
Frameless mirrors

Rectangular or round mirrors, or with a bevelled edge, to give a special touch to your bathroom.

Espejo vita
Vita mirror

Mirror with thin frame, 7.5 cm of depth. Available in multiple materials and compatible with all the series.

Espejos Lush
Espejos Lush
Espejos Lush
Espejo Lush
Lush mirrors

With the characteristic shape of Lush series and 15 cm. of depth to keep all the small daily objects. It is possible to integrate an open unit and make bigger the space for the shelves.

Espejo ingletado
Espejo ingletado
Espejo ingletado
45º mirror

Mirror with frame angled in two of its four sides. As versatile as the rest of mirrors, it can be placed in horizontal or vertical.

Espejo con trasera
Mirror with back panel

A subtle 1,3 cm. back panel in the same material than the furniture, sufficient for highlighting the mirror.

Espejos con luz
Espejos con luz
Espejos con luz
Espejos con luz
Espejos con luz
Espejos con luz
Mirrors with light

Equipped with the latest LED technology, these mirrors will help you illuminate your bathroom.