Sideboards, shelves,
dining tables

A made-to-measure range of furniture.

We have designed a complete range of complementary furniture for the living and dining areas, as well as for passageways and reception areas. Sideboards, shelves, dining tables and coffee tables that perfectly accompany the rest of the dica furniture.

Muebles auxiliares dica.
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Muebles auxiliares dica. Muebles auxiliares dica.

A piece of furniture for every space.

We combine natural woods, laminates and high quality lacquers to fashion elegant pieces of furniture for the dining area, for a passageway or for the entrance to the house.

The combination of doors or drawers with open furniture allows you to create unique arrangements.

The open decorative modules, in addition to facilitating access to the things that are used the most, are ideal for placing your most attractive objects.

Metal structures offer an extra touch of sophistication. Or, depending on the piece of furniture, a base resting on floor might provide an impression of solidity.

Muebles auxiliares dica. Muebles auxiliares dica.
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Openings that combine with each other.

The modules have different openings: swing doors opening downwards or in the form of large capacity drawers. The open decorative modules mean that the objects that you use most or that you want to be seen are in view.

Another detail characteristic of the range is the assembly of the structure with 45° joints that allows the modules that are joined together to be fitted without the need for a separate top. In this way the top of the piece furniture can combine different materials and colours. But if you prefer you can fit a separate top that makes the surface uniform, without joints.

Muebles auxiliares dica
Muebles auxiliares dica.

SoHo dining table.

The SoHo dining table, with its robust design and pleasant natural wood finishes, is perfect for the dining area. 

The shelves can be used either to perfectly complete the dining area or to create a bookcase area in any room. Their made-to-measure manufacture offers perfect solutions.

Muebles auxiliares dica.

Modular customised compositions.

The design, the modular structure and having our own manufacturing facilities allows us to create other made-to-measure compositions. In the dica shops you will find professionals whose training is continuously updated to advise you. They will make a detailed study of the space available, listening to your proposals in order to create the furniture that best suits your needs.

Muebles auxiliares dica.
Muebles auxiliares dica.
Muebles auxiliares dica.
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